4 weeks Vipassana Meditation Course

4 Wednesdays starting 8th of May


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    What is the course about?

    This Vipassana meditation course is the perfect blend between traditional teachings and biological approach on the body and mind. The perfect weaving between spirituality and science to bring you clarity, right view and understanding on human nature

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    It is for the modern human because the teachings have been especially curated to easily reach the modern mind to support your day to day life, to enhance your meditation practice and also to bring it into your daily life as you take care of your daily tasks with much more grace and ease.
    It is for both beginners and practitioners of any kind of meditation practice.
    This space is for:
    – The ones struggling to keep focus and presence
    – The ones suffering from anxiety or stress
    – The ones living in worry and doubt
    – The ones who want to understand themselves deeper
    – The ones wanting to educate themselves on the body and the mind
    – The ones who know that there is much more to life than meets the eye and wants to explore further
    – The ones who say that meditation is not for them
    – The ones who want peacefulness, power, connection, bliss, openness, to simply unwind and live naturally.
    – The ones needing more discipline in their lives
    Benefits of participating:
    • knowledge on how the body and mind work
    • what is the right mindfulness
    •  information about your own self
    • how to practice meditation and its benefits
    • community that supports your wellbeing and that you can practice common values with
    • a deeper sense of intimacy coming from within
    My deepest desire from this space is to help you gain clarity on the nature of the body and the mind, to have an embodied understanding of how the practice is actually helping you, to have a clearer and more focused mind, to have more energy and vitality, to gain knowledge on your own nature

    ¿Quién te acompañará?

    El centro de bienestar holístico ALMA está compuesto por un equipo de profesionales y especialistas que trabajan en equipo para abordar las necesidades de las personas desde una perspectiva integral.

    Te acompañarán a lo largo de este programa, ayudándote en cada momento para que puedas avanzar, dándote las herramientas necesarias para conseguir un equilibrio entre cuerpo, mente y espíritu.

    Cali Anca

    Cali Anca, creator of Gentle Awakening method and founder of AHA - Awakened Humanity Academy, she is a spiritual guide, body and mind educator, mindfulness teacher, traditional Thai massage therapist, community leader here to support humanity to awaken its heart. Cali has been on the spiritual path since 12 years and has been working with renowned masters that wisely guided her towards finding the way to keep finding the light within. After several spiritual awakenings and deep sincerity on her path, having overcome depression, anxiety, grief, health issues and deep pain, she is helping humans awaken and realize their innate power through wisdom, and an illuminating and gentle approach.

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