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The ALMA Method

Combining conventional and complementary techniques with the aim of creating harmony between the mind, body and soul—so that you can reach your maximum potential.

We are going to nurture our roots, our origin.
Balance is the path to well-being.

For ALMA, what we build is just as important as the bases on which we build it. That is why working on our foundations is essential to be able to grow.

When we talk about land we talk about where our roots take root.

The place we water, fertilize and care for. The physical place on which we stand and can grow.

The air, what we long for. Air is food, it is what connects us with the world from the first day to the last. It represents our personal space and intimacy.

Each person who carries out an ALMA program will nourish their land in order to breathe fully. Only then will we manage to become a strong flower.

How will we work?

ALMA is a method of integral wellness to get to know ourselves by connecting with our essence and reaching our maximum potential.

We are tranquility, calm, self-care, self-love, space and freedom. We will walk responsibly and make a commitment to achieve our goal.

Each will seek a balance between delicacy and strength to face the world with a new vision. With more poise, with confidence. Ready to breathe and catch your breath in the face of a blizzard or hurricane.

What is the ALMA Method?

The ALMA method was created by Dr. Myriam Oliver. Dr. Oliver is a psychologist and Gestalt therapist with a PhD in Neuroscience. She has worked at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center and the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr.Oliver recognized early on in her career the importance of improving health using a holistic and comprehensive approach.

She found that many clients could not achieve their highest potential because focusing on psychology was not enough. They needed to take into account other areas of health in order to have a global health approach. Therefore, Dr. Oliver strongly believes in a holistic approach.

This is the origin of ALMA. A method that combines conventional and complementary techniques with the objective of bringing harmony between mind, body and soul, and that people reach their maximum potential.

““The most effective way to provide therapy that garners results is to incorporate every area of life that impacts a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing.””

Myriam OliverPhD