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Embrace Your Inner Essence.

Achieve balance between your body, mind, and soul for a fuller life .

Embrace Your Inner Essence.

Achieve balance between your body, mind, and soul for a fuller life .

Promovemos la salud holística y el equilibrio entre mente, cuerpo y espíritu a través de programas personalizados que combinan terapias convencionales y complementarias. Te ayudamos a que aprendas a vivir de una forma más plena, consciente y en armonía proporcionándote herramientas para que consigas la mejor versión de ti.

Holistic health

Balance body, mind, spirit

Personalized programs

Conventional and complementary therapies

Fullness, Consciousness and Harmony

Adapted tools

Programa ReConecta

Un espacio íntimo para conectar contigo. Un lugar de calma y profundización interior.

Programa Embarazadas

Te acompañamos en esta etapa pre-parto para que disfrutes y estes acompañada de nuestro equipo multidisciplinar.

Customized Plans

Have your program tailored to meet your specific needs

What people say about ALMA

Myriam is a great professional, her sensitivity and understanding surprise you at first, without judging she manages to open your mind in a brutal way. I am very grateful for what we have achieved, it has been hard but it has been worth it to start therapy with her.

Rosita Cubero

My experience in the Mindfulness course with Myriam has been spectacular. He takes care of every detail of each of the activities, controls the times and rhythms very well. From the first moment she makes you feel very comfortable and that helps you connect with the rest of your colleagues. I would definitely recommend this course.

Elisa Tortajada

Both Myriam and Alma transmit peace, tranquility and security. They are professionals who with their work (psychology, coaching ... on the one hand and meditation sessions on the other), complement very well the treatment for therapy. It was a very good choice!

Cristina Perez

I started seeing Myriam a few months into feeling severely depressed, which I hadn't been in a decade, and anxious, which I was in general. She helped me out of both conditions through listening, casual but revealing psychological exercises, and insightful remarks that remained with me between sessions and long after them. Myriam was compassionate without coddling me, and let me to some truths - about myself and others - I am now ready to accept and act upon. I feel much calmer, in control, stronger and lighter now, all due to my sessions in Alma.


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